MuseMotif portrays my design inspirations and thoughts in my graphic design career. It's the area which stores a freelance graphic designer's tiny achievements so that you all can review and give feedback for improvements. You may be wondering why only improvements because such feedback helps a designer grow. But ofcourse I would love to get your appreciations too, that would motivate me.

Some of these designs were not actually used but were created during the comp-ing sessions thus one would notice watermarks of stockphotos visible.

The name MuseMotif tries to depict muse i.e. my inspiration and also my thoughts on design. Motif represents my graphic design and my creative pattern.

(Disclaimer: Copyrights and ownership of all designs done for various clients are owned by the respective client, namely Deloitte, Magazine Manager, Dhruva Holidays, VindAir etc. I was the designer hired by the above mentioned companies to create the communication pieces.)