"Subarna is a highly creative individual that creates visually appealing, effective marketing pieces in a very timely manner."
Chris Caputo, Director of Technology at The Magazine Manager
(Hired Subarna as a Graphic/Web Designer)

"I found Subarna to be timely, very competent, and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Subarna."
James Kidd, Editor, PublicSquare.net
(Hired Subarna as a Graphic Designer)

"Subarna was an extremely professional and pro-active member of our team. Working in a challening virtual environment across cultures and time zones she proved herself to be both results oriented as well as sensitive to the diversity in our team and amongst our clients. Her dedication and commitment to timely and high quality deliverables was admirable. I would highly recommend Subarna for both creative as well as team management positions, I am confident that she will excel in both."
Melinda Adams, Global Director of Learning Communication and Outreach, Deloitte
(Managed Subarna at Deloitte)

"Subarna had been an excellent team member of the company through her pleasing personality & working skills. She had developed strong understanding of Export driven Multimedia Solutions & provided excellent graphic solutions to her team. Would love to work with her in future."
Debabrata Chaudhuri, Director, Creative Mileage Solutions Pvt. Ltd
(Managed Subarna at CreativeMileage)

"Subarna is a great manager and a very creative person."
Chrissie Gale, Senior Manager Global Learning, Deloitte Touche Tomatsu
(Managed Subarna indirectly at Deloitte)